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Circle Purple 2022
Benton and Elijah 2023
Eliana and Nora 2023
Mia and Sophia 2023
Leila and Soraiya 2023
Haus for Fun 2023
LJ and Pheonix 2023
Benton and Kyleigh
Kate and Claire 2023
Peyton and Pharyn 2023
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Prep Ballet Class

How We Feel About Dance

Our Philosophy

FYI Dance Company has been committed to providing the best dance education that St. Petersburg has to offer since 2009.


We understand that dance is about more than technique and steps. Our experienced, talented, and inspiring staff work with each and every student, from beginners of every age to dancers on a professional track, developing their skills while fostering their passion for movement. We focus on the "whole student" and educate the bodies, minds, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, past that of the dance studio toward whatever they set their mind to!

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