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Annual Revue

Spring Revue Coming June 8th, 2024

Our Annual Revues are a way to showcase how our dancers are progressing through and over the past season.

Here are some FAQs to help with making sure you are ready for a busy and exciting event!

We will send out detailed information for each revue as that date approaches.


What is the difference between the Winter and Spring Revues?

Our Winter Revue typically showcases ALL the ballet classes in studio as well as SOME other classes that are progressing enough to have a piece ready in December. Our Winter Revues also are the first time our competition dances hit the stage! Our Winter Showcase is made up of the solos, duets and trios that will be competing in the Spring.

Our Spring Revues will include ALL PERFORMANCE CLASSES as well as and a few of our competition dances that were outstanding over the season and our graduating Senior Solos.

Do you need I ticket for the Winter or Spring Revue?

If you plan on watching the performance from the theater - Yes. All seating is assigned. Little ones who will sit in an adults Tickets can be purchased online closer to the event date.


What is a Dress Rehearsal?

The Dress Rehearsal is a mock run of the show with costumes, make up, and hair. Dress rehearsal is important to make sure that EVERYONE participating in the show, from performers to volunteers, knows what to expect on the day of the performance. We run our stage lighting during the rehearsal and will often run dances more than once to make sure everyone is as ready as possible for the performance day. This is a closed rehearsal. NO ONE other than performers and crew will be allowed backstage or in the theater.


Why does my dancer need to be at Dress Rehearsal?

Like most things, the more you practice, the more confident you become and the better you do. Dress Rehearsal allows dancers to become familiar with dancing in their costume(s) on a stage with big lights before the performance in front of an audience. It allows dancers to have an awareness of what backstage feels like and helps them prepare for costume changes and the quickness of what it takes to be ready to go on stage.


Who is allowed backstage?

ONLY Performers and Registered Volunteers who will be staying backstage for the entire performance will be allowed backstage or in the theater. Parents are not required to stay on premises during the rehearsal. If parents would like to stay, they must wait in the lobby or courtyard. Please remember there is NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE THEATER, LOBBY, OR BACKSTAGE.


What about a food during Dress Rehearsal?

Dancers who are rehearsing both shows should pack & label food for a break. There is no microwave or refrigerator so please make sure to pack accordingly. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE OR IN THE THEATER! Ask at sign-in table where food should be stored.


What costume should my dancer arrive dressed in for the Dress Rehearsal?

Dancers in every Level should arrive with tights already on.

Tiny Tots will wear their costume with pink tights and ballet shoes.

Preschool Classes should arrive in their tap costume and bring tap and ballet shoes.

Prep Classes should arrive in their tap costume and bring ballet, tap and jazz shoes.

Level 1 and above should arrive in their first performance costume.

ALL DANCERS should arrive dressed wearing a cover up over their costume to the rehearsal. 


When can my dancer leave at the Dress Rehearsal?

Please see the DRESS REHEARSAL SCHEDULE. It will be emailed prior to the rehearsal as well as posted at the studio. We will have a line up posted at the check-in table as well. 


What should my dancer’s hair look like at the dress rehearsal and performance?

Hair should be the SAME for BOTH the rehearsal and performance.

Tiny Tots, Preschool and Prep Classes - BALLET BUN on the crown of the head. NO bangs please. 

Level 1-4 classes – Low Bun with a center part.  Hairstyles will remain the same for the entire performance.


What should my dancer’s makeup look like at the dress rehearsal and performance?

Makeup should be the SAME for BOTH the rehearsal and performance. Please remember that the stage will have very bright lights that tend to "wash out" facial features. Stage makeup is utilized to help showcase your dancer's features.

Tiny Tots, Preschool and Prep Classes - purple eye shadow, pink blush and soft pink lips

Level 1-4 classes - brown smoky eye, pink blush and red lips


What about food at the Dress Rehearsal and Performance?


Concessions will be sold at the PERFORMANCE for our audience members. ALL concessions must be sold & eaten outside of the theater. ALL FOOD must be stored OUTSIDE of the theater. On performance day performers who are in BOTH SHOWS should either bring a lunch.

Can my dancer leave after their routine in the Annual Revue on performance day?

NO. For the safety and security of our dancers we do NOT check out dancers while the show is in progress. All dancers are expected to participate in bows at the end of the performance.


What should my dancer bring to the Dress Rehearsal and Performance?

 Dancers need to arrive with all costume pieces LABELED in a garment bag and with hair and makeup ALREADY DONE. If your dancer has multiple shoes or quick changes, we suggest a clothes rack and small laundry basket. A LARGE BEACH TOWEL OR BLANKET is a great place for dancers to sit on between dances.

Why do I check-in and check-out my dancer at rehearsals and performances?

Safety is a big concern on rehearsal and performance days when we have such large groups of people working together. To help make sure that we keep always know who is backstage and where we expect them to be EVERYONE must sign in to the backstage area. We will only release a dancer to a parent or legal guardian with a check out card that you will receive when you sign your child into the theater.  All dancers that are level 2 and under will need to be checked out in this manner.  Dancers who are level 3 and 4 are able to sign themselves in and out and parents will wait for them outside of the theater.

For Dress Rehearsal ONLY, dancers will be checked out after the they complete rehearsal for their last number. Times will be approximate ONLY and will be posted with the schedule ahead of the rehearsal.

For the Performance, dancers will only be dismissed at the END OF THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE.

What happens backstage?

The one thing you can say about backstage is that it is NEVER boring! There is usually a lot of activity and dancers are in areas with their fellow class friends. Think slumber party without the sleepover.

After dancer's are checked in, they are escorted to their assigned dressing room and their assigned room volunteers. Dancers will stay in their room unless they are going to or from the stage or restroom, which helps to keep them safe, focused and ready to go. The room chaperones will make sure that the dancers are ready to go when the backstage “runners” come get them for their time on the stage. After they are finished on the stage, they are led back to their room to get ready for their next performance or bows. Once the Revue is finished, dancers wait in their dressing room for a runner with their check out card to escort them to the check out table and waiting parent/guardian.

Dancers can bring coloring books (NO MARKERS) and games to play with friends. Blankets are a good way to have a clear area to sit on with (or without) friends. Do not send in any irreplaceable items and please remember to label EVERYTHING that comes backstage!

How do I volunteer for backstage?

We love our chaperones and backstage volunteers, both moms and dads. See the front desk to sign up.

All backstage volunteers must attend a training meeting and are expected to be at the ENTIRE dress rehearsal as well as the ENTIRE performance. ONLY dancers, staff, and REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS will be permitted backstage.  


Can I take pictures or video during the performance?

We know you are excited to see your dancer onstage, however there is NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO TAPING. This is a distraction to our performers and rude to the other audience members. We will have a professional videographer on site therefore we ask that you sit back and let them do the work for you. Disregard of these guidelines will result in our asking the offender to leave the performance. Videos are included with the revue fee for each performer.

Some Final Notes:

Make sure to have everything organized PRIOR to Dress Rehearsal to help alleviate any undue stress.

Check all items after Dress Rehearsal to make sure everything is ready for Performance Day.


Here is a basic check list of items for backstage at the Revues 

  • All costumes, including hairpieces

  • Tights. All Ballet Dances Wear Pink Tights OVER Skin Colored Tights. Extras are always a smart idea.

  • Shoes for every dance

  • Makeup

  • Hair supplies

  • Water

  • Deodorant

  • Baby wipes

  • Band aides

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Towel or blanket

  • “Stuff” for in-between time

Please use garment bags to help stay organized and LABEL EVERYTHING! A room full of dancers who all wear the same size can make it a challenge to make sure everyone goes home with the right items.


This is a very exciting time for both our dancers and our families.

We know it is a bit hectic, but we also know these dancers are ready to SHINE!

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