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A Little Bit About Us

We Are Dedicated to More Than Dance

FYI Dance Company was started in 2009 with the idea to create a dance studio that provided students with more than just dance classes. We wanted to create a unique environment in which students could develop physically, but also be supported both mentally and emotionally.


We chose the name FYI because we wanted to be something familiar, but just a little special. When you look more closely at our full name, you will see that our name is "For Your Inspiration”. This name was chosen because we believe in inspiring every dancer who has a passion for the art of dance. No matter the age, experience or expertise, we believe every dancer is special and amazing!


We understand that dance is about more than technique and steps. Our experienced, talented, and inspiring staff work with each and every student, from beginners of every age to dancers on a professional track, developing their skills while fostering their passion for movement. We focus on the "whole student" and educate the bodies, minds, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, past that of the dance studio toward whatever they set their mind to!

Fun is Part of the Plan

For Your Inspiration Dance Company was founded with a simple idea: To become great at anything you must be dedicated, work hard work and persevere; however, when all is said and done you should be able to look back and say: Dance is FUN!

We believe in inspiring every dancer who has a passion for the art of dance. No matter the age, experience or expertise, we believe every dancer is special and amazing!

Atmosphere of Acceptance

FYI Dance Co. is a place where dancers can come and grow in a positive and nurturing environment. We are all different and unique in our own ways and should be celebrated as such. We want every dancer to reach their full potential, both physically and emotionally. We want you to just be you!


We believe that dance is a form of art, something to be respected and appreciated. We encourage being expressive and trying new things with an open mind and heart and encouraging others on their journey as well. By teaching our dancers this basic fundamental, we hope to teach them how to share the passion of dance with the world.


We also understand that dance is a family affair. Our lobbies are designed to let family members relax while waiting with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi.

Placement Based on the Individual

Students will always start with class placement according to their age so that they may be evaluated in a full length class with other students. They will be evaluated by instructors during the first class in each discipline to determine the best classes for the student to thrive in.


We believe students should be pushed to become better and stronger, but not at the expense of their technique OR the social aspect that comes with a team sport. We know that "fitting in" is hard, and we want each of our dancers in the best possible environment to thrive.

Flooring Makes a Difference

All of our dance rooms are equipped with professionally designed sprung floors (the wood is elevated off the concrete by shock absorbing pads) and topped with either maple hardwood or vinyl dance flooring. This combination helps to prevent stress on joints, injuries and muscle fatigue.


Stop by the front desk to view a small sample cut-away portion of our flooring.

A Staff That Truly Cares

Our staff is made up of people who care about all of our dancers and their families. We care not only about the dance steps, but the general well being of our dancers and families. 


Our teachers have many years of experience both in dancing and teaching. We attend dance conventions and workshops throughout the year to help us keep up with both the best teaching techniques and freshest dance styles.


All of our staff is interested in our dancers and families as a whole. You will be treated with respect and a smile every time you come in, call or email.

Education Matters

We believe that school is important!

We encourage all of our students to take academics seriously. It is easy to get caught up in our art, and we do not want any of our students to miss other opportunities that only an academic education can give them.


We understand that many students come straight from school and finding time for homework can be a challenge. We provide a designated study room off of our front lobby, away from the distraction of the class rooms and noise.


We also provide the opportunity for our dancers to attend several workshops and conventions throughout the year.

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