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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to dance, or maybe just us, we bet you might have some questions.


Here are a few of the ones we answer the most, but please reach out to us if you have any others.


We love what we do and want to make it fun for you too!

What should I wear? Do I really need a bun? And what about shoes?

We promise it is not that complicated! Gone are the days of one style fits everyone. You've got this!

Check out our Dress for Success page to see all clothing and shoe requirements for all ages and styles.

What should I bring to class?

A water bottle, the right clothing and shoes, and a good attitude are all that is required.

What experience do I need?

No experience necessary! We have classes for beginners to advanced students in all age groups. Our teachers will make sure that you are in a class you will have fun and thrive in!

How do the different class levels work?

All classes, Tiny Tots through Level 4, are placed by age first. During the first class, in any subject, the teacher evaluates the student to make sure they are in a class where they will thrive.

Can I just try a class to see if I like it?

Absolutely! We never charge for you to try classes. Come try all the different options we have and see what fits you and your schedule best.

How long are classes? When do they meet?

Most of our classes are 55 - 85 minutes long and meet once a week.

Will I be in any performances?

We provide 2 Annual Revue performance opportunities for  ALL our dancers. Our Winter Revue is typically held in December and our Spring Revue is just after school lets out in May or June. If you are not interested in performing, for any reason, just let us know. Performances are not mandatory for class participation.

Are there costumes for performances?

Yes! We love to have an outfit that makes the dance just a little extra special. All students will be expected to purchase costumes for the Annual Spring Revue. These are yours to keep! We also have an Annual Winter Revue that we either rent costumes or you make on your own.

Who can be in the studio?

Yes, we welcome family and friends in the building. We are asking that non dancers remain for 1 class only and are respectful of others. Young children should be supervised at all times. Please understand this could change to help maintain the health and safety of everyone.

Can parents watch their dancer?

Only dancers and staff may enter the classrooms. All of our classrooms either have windows or glass doors in which parents/families may watch as long as they are not disruptive to their dancer or class.

How much do dance classes cost?

Our tuition is based on how many classes are being taken by the family every 4 weeks. Check out our Pricing Page for detailed information.

Is there a registration fee?

We have an annual registration fee of $45 for the first dancer and $15 for each additional family member.

Do you offer family discounts?

Our pricing is based on the number of classes the family takes, not per student. See our Pricing Page for more information.

How do I register for classes?

You can register with our online system or in person at the studio. If you have any problems or questions please let us know.

Is there a Picture Day?

Yes! In the Spring we have a professional photographer come into our studio for class pictures. There is no charge for taking the group picture, which will be hung in the studio, but students may also take individual pictures for a cost. More information and schedules will be available closer to Picture Day.

Please note that all pictures on this website are of our own dancers!

What is involved with the Competition Teams?

We have Competition Teams for dancers in Kindergarten and older. All of our team members are required to participate in a minimum of 1 ballet class and their level competition class. We attend 4 mandatory dance competitions in the season plus additional for some groups and soloists. All team members will participate in all Annual Revues. Team members in the FCC are required to participate in 2 Summer Intensives and 1 outside dance convention.

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