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We are always looking forward to the next big thing!

Click Here for 2022 Summer Camps


May 14-15 - Studio Class Photos.

Your dancer will take a group photo for the walls of the studio and has the opportunity to take individual and small group photos as well. A great way to capture this magical moment in time! There is no cost to take the group photos. Click here for schedule

May 21 - Annual FCC and Sparklers Banquet 

They have worked hard all season long, so let's celebrate!

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May 22 - FCC Auditions for 2022-23 Season 

For dancers going into 3rd grade and above who are interested in being part of a team that celebrates winning as much as all the hard work that goes into being an amazing group of individuals! 

May 23 - Deadline for Revue Ad submissions

Give a special shout out to your dancer in our Revue Program. Different sizing and pricing available.


June 3 - Dress Rehearsal for Annual Spring Revues  

Times and Schedule coming soon

June 4 - Annual Spring Revues

Celebrating and Showcasing another year of hard work and progress!


June 6-10 - "Once Upon a Time" Summer Camp

Once upon a time there was a week of all different stories with dancing and crafts to match! For ages 3-8 years old


June 13-17 - "Fairy Fun" Summer Camp

We are letting imaginations fly free with a week of dancing, games and plenty of fairy fun! For ages 3-8 years old

June 20-24 - "Under the Sea" Summer Camp

Calling all mermaids, sharks and dolphins: We have a place to go with the flow of fun dancing, crafts, games and more! For ages 3-8 years old


June 27 - July 1 - "Party in the USA" Summer Camp

Here's to all those little firecrackers out there who want to celebrate with dancing, games and crafts in Red, White and Blue! For ages 3-8 years old


June 27 - July 1 - FCC Summer Intensive I

Mandatory for all 2022-23 FCC Team Members


July 4-9 - Studio Closed for Summer Break 


July 11-15 - "Pretty as a Princess" Summer Camp

Join us for a week of royally fun dancing, crafts and games! For ages 3-8 years old


July 18-22 - "Frozen Fun" Summer Camp

It might be Florida hot outside, but we know how to stay cool in Summer with dancing, games, crafts and lots of frozen fun! For ages 3-8 years old


July 25-29 - "Unicorns and Rainbows" Summer Camp

Let's go over the rainbow to the magical land of unicorns with dancing, games and crafts! For ages 3-8 years old

July 25-29 - FCC Summer Intensive II

Mandatory for all 2022-23 FCC Team Members


August 1-5 - " A Madrigal Adventure" Summer Camp

Join us for an enchanting week of dancing, games and crafts because we know there is a little magic in all of us! For ages 3-8 years old

August 6-12 - Studio Closed

We are are getting everything ready for the start of a great new season!


August 13 - Fall Classes Begin 

New classes for a new school year. We are super excited to get things started!!