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National Honor Society
of Dance Arts

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts™ (NHSDA) is a program of the National Dance Education Organization. The NHSDA was created to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students throughout their dance education experience.


Artistic merit is determined through the different dance opportunities our dancers participate in each year with a requirement of earning a certain number of points across a variety of experiences. Academic achievement is recognized as earning a minimum of a 3.5 GPA high school and middle school students. Leadership is recognized through a demonstration of collaborative teamwork and motivation.

FYI Dance Co offers two levels of induction into the NHSDA: The Junior Program for middle school students and the Secondary Program for high school students.



Secondary Program - Graduated with Honors

Torrie Kearney 

Raley Long 

Jamie Oake

Secondary Program - Junior Class

Meghan Anderson

Ange Gabrielle Bontemps

Caroline Davidson

Becca O'Reilly

Ashley Temeyer

Junior Program - 8th Grade Class

Rachael Anderson

Mia Klein

Pharyn McCrae

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