Class Descriptions

Preschool - age 3 by 9/1

PREP - Kindergarten and 1st grade

Broadway Babies and Sparklers - Kindergarten and 1 and 2 grade

Level 1 - 1 and 2 grade

Level 2 - grades 3 through 5

Level 3 - middle school age

Level 4 - high school age

Teen - 6-12 grade

Timeless Tappers - 65 and older 




The foundation of all dance forms. Ballet helps with physical discipline, general body awareness, and control coordinating with technique, including position of feet and arms, and terminology. Ballet also strengthens the understanding of the relationship between music, rhythm and controlled movement.


Broadway Babies

A jazz inspired, theaterical dance class for those who love to perform. 



Blends the sustained controlled movement of ballet with freedom, power, and dynamics of jazz and modern dance. Contemporary is known to be the "no rules" style of dance, combining different styles to create a story of dance.


FYI Competition Company is an audition only competition team for dancers 8 years and over. We believe in fostering a healthy and friendly competitive spirit that dancers can take with them through life. Dancers are encouraged to be more focused and intense without losing sight of the fun of dance. Commitment for rehearsals and performances is required for the entire season. For more information please see the front desk.


Hip Hop
Teaches rhythm, musicality, coordination, and age-appropriate hip hop choreography with no suggestive music/movement. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun paced dance class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun. 


Kid Hop

Hip Hop movement appropriate for our dancers in 1st and 2nd grade. A fun, high energy, upbeat class.


Emphasizes strong and proper body alignment and clean technique through floor work, turns, kicks and jumps. Use of musicality to create an overall visual picture, and culminates in a choreographed combination to contemporary dance music.



This class fuses the beauty and strength of ballet with the energy of jazz and uses the more contemporary pop music of today. Lyrical ballet focuses on flowing steps and expressing emotion.



Emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexability, strength, coordination and spatial awareness. Movement stems from the core of the body and focuses on contract and release, floor work and fall and recovery.


Musical Theater

A fun combination of theater and dance. Focuses on stage presence and emotion. Students will explore different musical theater routines, both classic and modern.


The use of pointe shoes to extend the technique of classical ballet. Students must be at least 11 years old and have permission from instructor. Students must be enrolled in ballet to participate in this class.


PREP (Prepatory Classes - Kindergarten and 1st grade)
Designed specifically for those dancers who are ready to "take it up a notch". While this class focuses on the fundamentals of ballet and tap we also push past the days of just pink tutus by adding jazz. 90 minute class.


Preschool (4 years old)
Focuses on the fundamentals of ballet and tap in a one hour class divided into a half an hour of ballet and a half an hour of tap. This class stretches the attention span and helps to build the social skills by working in a group. A great way to let little ones feel personal accomplishment every week! Must be 3 by 9/1.


Our competition team for 5-7 year old dancers. This is for those younger dancers who LOVE the stage. No audition required. Please see the front desk for more information.



Teaches rhythm, coordination and terminology through tap combinations and choreography.


Timeless Tappers

A class for all those over the age of 65 who want to keep the mind and body moving and grooving! 

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